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Sunrise Strikes - Bowling | Zanesville, OH

An Alley You Can Play In

Taking Miniature Gold To A Whole New Level

If music and golf are your two favorite things, we're sure to be your favorite place. We recently installed a new stereo system so you can dance your way through our entire golf course.

Age 12+

Take Advantage of our low rates

You're never too old for miniature golf. Here at Sunrise Strikes of Zanesville OH, we want everyone to experience the excitement of miniature golf. This is why the entire area is wheelchair accessible.

To add to your fun, we even allow you to carry your favorite drinks from the bar to the bowling alley, and down the golf course.

Miniature golf for all

Join our league bowling every night.


We're here to answer any question you might have about our entertainment hub. Visit us at 1940 E Pike and join all the fun.



Age 11 and under


Wheelchair accessible, 1st 10 holes


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